The Collection

This season we launched a series of boxes that might save you from that fatal sneeze.

The Mysterious Lady

Not much is known about this enigmatic woman other than the fact that she is clearly a pro at putting on lipstick. She could be a superhero crime fighter, or perhaps a ninja assassin. Or maybe it’s just a middle aged guy wearing lipstick. Makes you think.

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Nostrils At Ease


Sneezes Caught


Tissues Used


Noses Saved

The Dashing ‘Stache

Our proud mascot is actually a once celebrated pirate scoundrel that has hit on some hard times. Life hasn’t been quite the same since Johnny Depp. Buying our tissue boxes keeps this guy employed. If he doesn’t have a job he doesn’t have money, and if he doesn’t have money, he can’t buy his ‘stache wax. You know that’s not a good thing.

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Soft, strong and absorbent

Our tissue paper is made of our exclusive butterfly-kiss and marshmallow-fluff blend for that ridiculous softness that you crave.

Unique box designs

We confess- we have ulterior motives in creating our tissue line. We were just sick and tired of seeing tissue boxes everywhere with the average personality of a dead weasel.


Our production facility is 100% environmentally conscious, with minimal carbon and flatulence emissions. And we only test our products on human animals, so that’s ok.

The Beauty in the Blow

  • These tissues are made from wood. Don’t ask us how.
  • Super soft double quilted tissues
  • Instantly coolify your room. Look it up.
  • Bring attitude to the table

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