About Blowze

Carefully crafted tissues come together into one amazing box.

The Nose, first patented by the brilliant but eccentric Swiss inventor Baron Shvedish Sheff in 1714, has withstood the test of time for its creative design, ease of use, and resilient constitution. Baron Sheff had created a veritable marvel of engineering; a tool capable of so many beneficial usages that within only a few short years, it was hard to find anyone that did not have a Nose. From gingerly sniffing petunias to snorting ground peppercorns, efficiently filling handkerchiefs to securely storing the occasional straying finger, Baron Sheff’s invention had undeniably made the world a better place to live.


Exactly three hundred years later, we honor this forgotten hero with the first product that properly celebrates the Nose, a product that we hope captures the creativity and ingenuity of the original invention. It is our deepest hope that you share in our celebration.

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